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Welcome to, my website slash blog.
Don’t think of it as shameless self-promotion of my illustration and puppetry.
Think of it as a respite from kitten videos and being asked what breakfast cereal you are most like.
I will never ask you for your password.
I will only mention once that it’s “he and I” and not “him and me”.
I only want you to enjoy yourself online in ways that your Mother would approve.
So please stay.

I’m so alone.

My puppet film with the rabbit. You know, “Hoppy”. (Click here.)


Free Spirit Publishing’s Winter 2015 catalog cover illustration

One of my illustrations from Free Spirit Publishing’s book, the newly updated How to Take the GRRRR Out of Anger, appears on the cover of their Winter 2015 catalog. GRRRR had already been part of their library of books but needed a new look to match the other books… Continue Reading →

Walt Disney

Without a doubt, Disney was a big influence on me as a kid.  Even in college I was interested to knew more about the man.  I discovered that early in his career, he created a very popular short cartoon called “The… Continue Reading →

How to Draw a Cat, Part 2.

As I mentioned before, I use reference material when I draw a cartoon of something. I once had to draw a zebra for a client.  For the drawing to be successful I had to be aware that a zebra is not simply… Continue Reading →

“Rembrandt’s Wildlife” digital painting sale and exhibit

“Rembrandt’s Wildlife”- Exhibit and sale of limited edition original digital paintings.  Bring your neighbors, your loved ones and checkbook.


How To Draw a Cat, Part 1

First, you find a cat, either from images online or a real one lying around the house. Next, find something to draw with and upon. Working very loosely, sketch a blobby circle that suggests the cat’s overall outline shape. If the cat’s… Continue Reading →

American Tony Sarg was an accomplished illustrator, animator and puppeteer. Within the American puppetry community, Tony Sarg is well know but few outside of that group probably have ever heard of him. I certainly didn’t until I become actively involved… Continue Reading →

In 1931, Thomas Alva Edison, died at the age of 84. In 1932, on the 1st anniversary of his death, all “Light Bulb Changing” jokes went untold for one minute in his memory.

Monty Python’s Village Idiot

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