First, you find a cat, either from images online or a real one lying around the house. Next, find something to draw with and upon. Working very loosely, sketch a blobby circle that suggests the cat’s overall outline shape. If the cat’s shape is too complicated at first, think of chunking up its body. Please don’t do this literally. Draw a basic shape for its head, then its upper body following the hindquarters and tail. Don’t worry about detail, but do look very closely at how the “body chunks” relate to the other. (Tip: Never look directly into the eyes of a cat for more than a few seconds. Longer stares will often trigger a psychotic reaction requiring first aid. Though if you’re lucky, you might escape with a mere hissy fit. This is one of the few times in life when a hissy fit is preferred.) Rough in more detail slowly. Then spend a half hour every day drawing cats and within a year’s time you’ll be darn good at it, and you’ll be done having to correct friends when they point at your drawing and say “Nice cow”.